🌙 NFTs and NFTs seasons

Our NFTs — are unique! Main theme of NFTs = baby Pokémon's.

There are 3 evolutions (tiers/rarities) of NFTs in our project. They are scaled same as in universe of Pokémon's, so everything is connected with original version. With every new season, we will release a new pack of NFTs. Each pack contains 3 different Pokémon's.

Better evolution = better rewards from staking, read about rewards here — LINK

Here is the list of our NFTs:

Pichu -> Pikacu -> Raichu

Bulbasaur -> Ivysaur -> Venusaur

Charmander -> Charmeleon -> Charizard

Squirtle -> Wartortle -> Blastoise

Note — These list is showing current and planned Pokémon's, with further development and updates, this list can be upgraded or changed.


One important thing about our NFTs — they are limited by special seasons. That means you can buy exact pack of NFTs only through season, which is situated for them. Through this month, you can buy eggs with NFTs and get baby Pokémon's from the ongoing season.

This feature will help us to smoothly release updates of project and keep interest for the project whole year.

NFT buyback

NFT price = 15$

Buyback fund — we will give opportunity to get some money back! Every time you buy NFT EGG you supply buyback fund and afterwards you could sell get some money

BPM has two main advantages – chances of acquiring higher evolution NFTs will be bigger! Last thing – price of NFT egg is stable, you buy BPM now, price grow – you can buy more NFTs!

At this moment, NFTs are in BSC contracts. (later we will create exchange option for the NFT)

Contracts of NFTs Season 1:

BabyChu 0x0f256d4Db38F291BC333FAE1CD0570B3D5287CCA BabyPika 0x6075345f007E35Bd3A9e236aF2212B86539EA080 BabyRai 0xaeabd5F2681E7E9daE73e19F880cF1F53c6CA865 BabyCharm 0x874BC47f02Fc383d877329f6bf70d99CE8AcF6d9 BabyLeon 0xfB8d2131FCA0cAEa1Ea9f5bf69c578E223441A76 BabyZard 0xD3EA81B93Ce09C9693EdF7d9432784FEB116e4F2 BabySquirt 0xAecA92198D296af14DbF7f7BB6D3B62b76a394E5 BabyTortle 0xdFBBF46cfC0bddC2D4Fa41A7531a88E8d3ACfCA6 BabyBlast 0x8d706923f936487575134cbd62485277563099e6 BabyBulb 0x8c71C624AF9DbfeaFE1Ff467a396AEbB648F81b7 BabyIvy 0x37484954C3c095fBd9A4463C60Df9b14e08D7393 BabySaur 0xc4c0792aa18D0BC04cFBa509b840223E9a5B5ddc

Season 2:

BabyKitty 0xbf184e41bfeb444487b995324655690641688158 BabyMeow 0x28EEAC6B5d5eb4564B408e54aC1B5fe49b2B9b29 BabyCat 0x9829bf740a4ae78071d3b58f1ff066ca26785c7b BabyCynda 0x24758cb3858d051adb1d1e2b3a23d07458b1d85e BabyLava 0x19e159ed43ae55d18363e907fa9cc6c0f327ed77 BabyTaphlo 0xa7a0070e616f80c4119e574601009e9c3cee82b0 BabyTatsu 0x133572aaf66ceebb25865650bd9e8dc1fae937e5 BabySea 0xb473981bfc83bb40fd8f3a26bff0aeff433fba9e BabyKingdra 0x535f90a2f4287557014f2bb5771410e23d492fa1 BabyOddi 0x1c84481b0a76a58485edcd1bb116bf0a8bd53301 BabyGloom 0x830865b475eedb324e483c1bde4d37ab4d488dd9 BabyRafu 0xc3de8091be6eab9c670f0916f301729009e00688

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