💰 Everything is Liquidity!(OUTDATED)


We made a decision to make everything around liquidity of our token in our project. Every action, everything on the platform, connected to the liquidity or NFT rewards. Through this way, we can highly support our liquidity and make as big as possible without affecting other spheres of project.

What is connected to liquidity?

  1. Purchase of a token

  2. Purchase of a Egg(box with NFT)

  3. NFT rewards in LP tokens

  4. Staking rewards in LP tokens

  5. Creation of LP

  6. Removing of LP

  7. Fees in the game

  8. Fees in the crafting

This way, every action on the platform will increase our Liquidity pool! Price for our token will be much more stable and less affected by any dumps.

Also, important moment. Every action on platforms have some fees. And we are taking ALL fees in BPM-USDT LP tokens! That means there will be an unstoppable supply of LP tokens in our system. Every action — even selling or removing LP, will top up our liquidity pool.

You can see fees distribution here:

To make this system easier for everyone, we made payments easier for everyone. In that case you can pay just your USDT, BNB, BUSD or pay BPM-LP tokens using our Liquidity contract.


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