🔥 Introduction

Hello everyone! This is Baby Pokemoon project!

Explanation of project:

Buy BPM tokens -> Open boxes with NFTS -> Collect NFTs -> Stake NFTs and earn BPM

🏆You could not find same contracts, it's completely unique and developed from zero to current state. It's not a copy, it's a result of long and hard work of our team. 🏅We are very experienced team of crypto enthusiasts, we made unique cool NFTs and superb unique designed website, besides the contract! On top of that, we have integrated interesting and fair NFT staking system, where you could decide risks by your self and choose your path.

🌪Our goal was to create something new and decent in crypto world, not just copy of another project or silly meme coin without any real sense. In this project, we have collected everything popular and hyped in the crypto on this moment + inspired by Pokémon's. (besides our unique features!!) ⚡️Join us and let's build this community and project together! Please, remember, the project is not only about development and marketing – mainly it's ABOUT YOU and YOUR SUPPORT. Invite friends through referral link and take part in really fair launch on 15 February 15:00(no presales, no private sales, anti-bot system)

The creation of our project was inspired by one of the greatest games and universesabout Pokémon's! We do not use original ones, due we are Baby Pokemoon project.

We think everyone was affected somehow with this great cartoon, or at least heard about it. Some years ago, that was the main thing in the life of many children all across the world. But nowadays, this universe has a huge fan base which strongly supports everything connected with Pokémon. Or at least everyone who loved them, can sometimes remember about them and feel the nostalgia about it. We wanted to bring some of these feelings, but using the most high-tech methods—crypto and games. We wanted to make a huge throwback for everyone interested in Pokémon, but we wanted to make it interesting for crypto users too! We hope everyone can find something good and interesting in our project and will be support us and our dreams.

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