❓ How can you connect wallet

There are two ways of connecting your wallet:

  1. Metamask

  2. WalletConnect

Amount of usable wallets depends on the platform. On the PC you have metamask and some wallets in WalletConnect. And in the phone, you have only WalletConnect, but with huge amount of crypto wallets.

To connect Metamask:

  1. Press “Connect wallet”

  2. Press on Metamask

  3. Metamask will open a new browser window

Press button “Next”

Press button "Connect"



To connect through wallet connect on pc, you need to click on the WalletConnect.

  1. Scan QR code which WalletConnect is showing you

  2. To scan QR code on the website, you need to use your crypto wallet on the mobile phone and find there option "Scan QR" or "WalletConnect"

  3. After Scan, you will need to sign connecting message in your crypto wallet

WalletConnect on the phone

  1. Press on WalletConnect

  2. Choose your preffered wallet

Afterwards, you will be moved to your wallet, and you will need to sign message to connect.

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