NFT staking and earning

Our NFTs have one great and cool difference unlike all other NFTs — they have real usage. That means, you can not only collect our cool Baby Pokemoons, but also use them for real purpose.

The main purpose is = Stake NFT and get BPM tokens.

You can read about NFTs and NFT seasons here — LINK

Main formula of the project: High volume = high rewards for the NFTs

Main formula of NFT staking: Higher evolution of NFT = Higher BPM rewards

So, when you get your NFT, you can stake it and earn BPM tokens. You can stake any amount, no limits on that. When you stake your NTFs you start getting rewards in BPM, which you need to harvest, same like in farms.

Where rewards come from

4% from each transaction of our token. But our system, is not that simple.

We are maintaining minimum profitability for the evo-1!

You will be in profit with Evo-1 = after around 90 days.

Approximate time for profit:

Evo-2 = around 2 weeks

Evo-3 = around 7 hours

*You can get profit faster if price of BPM will grow

We did that, so new investors can understand how much they will earn. But everyone needs to understand, our project is BASED ON LUCK. Commissions from the crafting, NFT eggs and tax, will be directed to rewards and marketing same as before.

Rewards will be recalculated depending on the price change

More people = fewer rewards, but more volume = more rewards.

Important — you will NOT get any rewards, if you just have NFTs in your wallet, stake them to start earning BPM tokens. You will NOT get BPM tokens in your wallet automatically, you need to harvest it on our website.

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